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A Consultation to complement your goals

During the 30 minute consultation we will get as much background information to determine your RMR + Lifestyle + Physical activity to ultimately get your total calorie energy requirements. Once we get that information, we will break it up into three different categories: OFF DAYS, LOW to MOD DAYS, HIGH DAYS. These details will be customized considering: Height, Weight, Body Fat %, Age, Physical Activity, Lifestyle, and Goal.




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A Personal Prep Experience

We believe that your meals should be customized to you, so you pick and choose what you want to leave out of your plan. You can select your dislikes to accommodate your taste buds. You will have the opportunity to remove or add carbs, add or lower protein intake, or bring in your own macro plan. The Meal Prep Co. has different ways to mix up your diet to match your goals, whether it’s carb cycling, low glycemic, paleo, or high carb, you can adjust at any time.




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See Real Results

Client pictured above started with a carb cycling program, then moved to a bulking program, followed by a lean diet for 2 weeks. The client did 3 meals per day while making up the rest of his macros with shakes and specific foods. He worked out 3 – 4 times per week.
Client started off with a fat mass of 46.85 lbs and ended with a fat mass of 11.32 lbs.
His starting body fat percentage was 26.47% and ended at 8.2%.
Client maintained a lean muscle mass that ranged between 130 lbs and 126 lbs.
Results provided by The Fit Lab San Diego.



Customized Macro Meal Plan developed during the consultation

6 Week Rotating Menu

Male & Female Portions

Complex Carbs for lasting energy

High Protein for muscle recovery and amino acid turnover

Fresh Veggies for antioxidant protection

Healthy Fats for proper brain function and development

Carb Cycling Plans, High Protein, Paleo Plans, Customized Macros

Health & Fitness Coaching

Fitness Testing Available – RMR, Hydrostatic Dunk BF% Testing, VO2

Supplement Coach

Referral Bonuses

Let us plan, cook, deliver.
You enjoy!

Our kitchen is staffed with dedicated team members that help us with your grocery list, your shopping, and cooking. Each client has a personalized prep card that gets paid personal attention to as we prepare your meals. We cook out of a Grade A commercial kitchen and keep an open door policy for our clients, so come on over and visit our facility.

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“Sometimes I don’t have time to prep my own meals. I can always expect my (MPC) meals to be fresh, tasty and have a great variety.

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Scheduling is easy. You can either book online using our booking feature, or you can call us at 619-415-0106 to book your consultation. We book our consultations in 1 hour increments to be able to dedicate quality time to each individual. If you are planning to book for two people at one time, please call us at 619-415-0106 to extend your consultation time to 1.5 hrs. Consultations can be booked Monday through Saturday between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you require a special time outside of these hours, please give us a call and we can manually get you booked.

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