Have you hit a plateau?

July 2, 2022by info0


It is not about IF, it is about WHEN.

They WILL happen!

So what are your options when it happens?
Quit? Or go back to the drawing board to make the necessary adjustments.

You are considered very lucky to go on a 12-week program and see consistent results week to week without any adjustments in between and not plateau

Questions to ask yourself when you get to this point:

1. Am I hitting a legitimate plateau? Are you following the plan in 100% compliance?
2. Am I overworking my diet? Too much cardio / not enough rest or recovery
3. Am I giving this plateau period too little time? We recommend giving it 10- 14 days to discount any water weight changes and hormonal changes.

Another point to consider is that most bodies will see less of a plateau in their very first diet. Subsequent diets may not always go how the first one went.
You may think, “well, this didn’t happen with my first diet”, but that means very little to the current biological standpoint. Most people will find their second cut or following cuts harder to lose fat pounds, and that is NORMAL.

So if it happens and you are staying true to your workout routine:
1. Move more (this does NOT mean more cardio or exercise) it literally means get up and move more. Walk places, clean your house, park further away, take the stairs,  just move more.

2. If you have been true to your diet after week 1.5 or 2 with no change, adjust your calorie intake. Reduce your calories BUT get the most of your calories. More volume, fewer calories. Go leaner but more mass in food.

3. Most diets should last about 12 weeks, and you MAY need to cut it shorter if you feel you cannot meet your original goal with no shame. Do it for you, and maybe going into maintenance earlier is better and then try again later.

An ending point to be realistic about is that the body will always challenge you in fat loss periods because it wants to be cautious with the amount of fat loss.

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