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Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or you need to adapt to a long-term healthy lifestyle, together we can reach your goals. Take action today and develop a sustainable and enjoyable diet plan with expert nutrition counseling online, that fits your busy schedule.

Lifestyle Change

Learn how to change your bad habits and adopt new ones for better health and weight management

Fat Loss

Reach your weight goals and transform your body through a healthy nutrition program that will produce lasting results

Nutrition Strategies

Get professional nutrition counseling and support to manage health issues, fat loss, muscle mass, and strength


We are your meal prep nutritionists

Founders of The Meal Prep Company | Meal Prep To Go

Chef & Nutritionist – Jimmy B

Master Health & Wellness Coach & Nutritionist – Mairene B

We’ve created a business around health and wellness helping thousands of clients reach their body goals.


Weekly private video counseling

1:1 Zoom or calls to hold you accountable week by week.

email & Text support

Communication Is key. We will adapt to what is needed week by week to achieve the actions set.

Customized diet plans

As your body changes, so will your diet. Customized meal plans will be revised week by week.

Dietary & body analysis

Get complimentary bioimpedence body analysis test to determine body composition and view progress.

Here's what we do:

  • Asses your diet(s) history

  • Study your body composition and bio markers 

  • Solidify your goals in targets 

  • Create weekly actions

  • Hold you accountable 

  • Develop nutrition strategies to your goals

  • Mental Support 

  • Supplement Support

  • Teach lifelong habits

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