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The operations of The Meal Prep Co. start with the creation of each plan in the office which then gets passed over the members of our kitchen to do the shopping, cooking, preparing, and delivering.

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We believe that everyone can meet their nutritional goals…
with a little help

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Unlock your potential with good nutrition & lifestyle changes

Our meal prep program was designed with results in mind, so we are not your ordinary meal prep service. Meal Prep is not just about a healthy meal you pick online that looks pretty. Our focus is different and we never wanted to be that place that makes 500 meals that are all the same. Each client we take on deserves that personal time, attention, and treatment. We know that you are serious about getting healthy and maximizing your personal goals, so we take listening very serious as well.

Our focus is YOU. How much sleep do you get? Are you in a high-stress environment? Are you drinking enough water? Are there any health conditions that are hindering you?

These factors are tied into your total caloric intake and will be considered as your meal plan is put together.

We know that meal prepping is not all that easy but doable if you really tried. So our goal is to have you with us enough time until you can learn for yourself what it looks and feels like to eat healthy with a purpose, but you are welcome to stay with us for as long as you like.


Nutrition strategies

Find out what types of foods are going to benefit your body to feel well and perform at its best potential.

Lifestyle factors

What are some of things that could be hindering your progress in your day to day lifestyle? Find out what some of those factors may be.

The mind/body connection

Ultimately, a lifestyle change will start with the mind. Taking control of your mind will advance your body physically to support you in getting healthier.