Services & Pricing

We have a variety of plans to fit your individual budget and goals.

Our Meal Packages

Our meal plans are customized by gender. Please select male or female to see pricing.

If you already have a custom meal plan you would like The Meal Prep Co to process, please submit it HERE


Experience the preparation process with us—simply click play and immerse yourself in the journey!

• Health & Fitness Coaching
• Body Composition Testing
• Nutritionist on staff
• Supplement Coach• Customized Macro Meal Plan developed during the consultation
• 5 Week Rotating Menu
• 20 Page Welcome Booklet & Nutrition Guide
• Complex Carbs for lasting energy
• High Protein for muscle recovery and amino acid turnover
• Fresh Veggies for antioxidant protection
• Healthy Fats for proper brain function and development
• Carb Cycling Plans, Additional Protein, Paleo Plans, Customized Macros

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